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Task 3 – 25 marks

Designing a multimedia memorial

Refer to your learning resource on Contemporary Possibilities.

(a)  Plan a multimedia memorial or tribute for a famous person. This person could be a celebrity, a cultural figure, a sporting hero or a politician, or it could be an imaginary figure of your choice.

Your plan can be for either a public or a personal memorial. It could take one of the following formats:

·           an online magazine or newspaper feature article

·           a website

·           a blog post

·           or any other multimedia format of your choice

Describe what your multimedia memorial will look like. You should also include a visual component with your description (e.g., a diagram, sketches or a poster).

(b)  Reflect on why you chose the format for your memorial. How is it appropriate to the memory of the famous person? What techniques have you used to shape the viewer’s response? What effect would you like your multimedia text to have on viewers? How is your multimedia text different from a written description?

Write approximately 150-200 words.


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