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Question: enter the websit will lty at 55 mph sea level...

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Enter the websit will lty at 55 mph, sea level, at an angle of attack of 4 degrees. Assume a value of Ncrit (a boundary la e airfoiltools.com and search for the S1223 airfoil. The airfoil will be used for a small UAV with a chord of 23.4 inches and on graphs but you can get a detailed table by pressing the details hypertext that appears on the right hand side of the row corresponding to the selected Reynolds number. 1. What Reynolds number corresponds to this situation? 2. What is the corresponding lift coefficient? 3. What is the corresponding drag coefficient? 4. What is the corresponding L/D ratio? 5. What is the corresponding moment coefficient about the quarter chord? 6. What is the lift per unit span in pounds? 7. What is the drag per unit span in pounds? 8. What is the moment per unit span about the quarter chord in ft-lb? 9. What is the corresponding max 10. What is the best L/D for this Reynolds number? 11. At what angle of attack does it occur? f this airfoil is used on a 50 ib. airplane with a rectangular wing with a 12 foot span and an Oswald efficilency of 0.8, what is the resulting wing CD ?
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