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Equation 5 : Q = Qe^(-t/RC)   
The Q on the right hand side of the equation should have a subscript O.

Table 1 - Resistance values Coded Are both Measured Measured Color code resistance Coded Coded tolerance resistance absolute error values within value 2) 470 tolerance? (yes or no) tolerance value (z 0.4% + 1 Ω) | yellow-violet- k2)(k2) brown-gold brown-black red-gold orange-orange red-gold oos des 5 Rs 3360 16s | 3.359| 01 es Part 5- Combinations of capacitors & RC circuits 12) Using the Fluke multimeter,fill the following table (no need for uncertaities) Table 5-Effective capacitances for capacitors in series and in parallel Measured capacitance value (nF) Capacitors C. 63. 36.3 63.SS зад.g -C2 (in series) C,// C2 (in parallel) what is the value of the parameter C in the exponential fit (Aexp(C) + B) of the discharging capacitor? Provide the units and uncertainty [2] 勹D一. ± o.al Note: The parameter C here is a fitting parameter for your exponential equation. Do not confuse it with the variable C used in eq. 5 which corresponds to the capacitance in your RC circuit. 3 Using your measurement for R2 (see Table 1) and your fitting parameter C mentioned above, calculate the capacitance of your capacitor (use eqn. 5). Note that 1 F-1 s/12. Compare your result to the value measured using the multimeter. No error calculation needed

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