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EQuestion Help Assume that a smple random sample has heen selected trom a nomally distriouted population and test the given claim Identity the niall and altematwe hynatess, test stastic, P-value, and state the tnal conclusian that addresses the orig nal claim A sate y อ ministration conducted crash es s o c d booster seats or cars Listed below are results rom thos ests. h he measurements g ven in hic standard head injury condition un s he saf y equirement is that he hic measurement should be less lh톄n 1000 hic. Use a 0 05 significance level lo test ng clim thal the sar e s rom population with mean ess than 1000 h Do lhe results su esl lhal all o the child booster seats meel lhe specified requrernen ? 7B1 67 118 609 574 73 OA. HO . μ > 1000 nic Ha μ< 1000 nic o c. H0: μ .: 1000 hic 111, μέ 1000 hic ldentify the tast statistic. B. H0 μ; 1000 hic 0 hic H0: μ-1000 hic 111 . μ 1000 hic D. Round to three decimal places as nceded) ldentify the P value The P-value is Round to four decimal places as needed.) State the final conclusion that addresses the original claim. There is ▼ :v derice to support the claim lhal lhe sarpe is rium 려 populalion with rnean less than 1000 hic. What do the results sugpest about the child booster seats meeting the specified requirement? O A. There is strong evidence that the mcan is loss than 1000 hic, but one of the booster scats has a measurement that is greater than 1000 hic O B There is not strong cv den㏄ that the mean is kss than 1000 hic and one or the booster seats has a measurement that s greater than 1000 hic 。C. The results are nconclusive regarding whether one or the booste scats could have a rne surernent that is greater than 1000 h C. O D. The reauirement is met since most samole measurements are less than 1000 hic

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