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Equivalent Circuit of the Neuron Neurons are the cells in your body that make you move and think. Three important species of ons matter, positively charged potassium ions (K), positively charged sodium ions with one extra proton (Na), and negatively charged chlorine ions (CI). The current in each resistor represents the amount of ions that leak across the membrane. Each of the voltage sources represents diffusive forces that result from concentration gradients between the inside and outside of the cell. Extracellular fluid (outside of cell) K channels 0.1MO Na channels CT channels 0.4ΜΩ Cl Na 55mV 75mV Intracellular Cytoplasm Inside cell) a) b) The Na and K concentrations are held constant by ion pumps (not shown). How many c) When the cell is at rest, no chlorine ions flow. For this to be true, what must be the value of the voltage source for chiorine diffusion? potassium ions must the cell pump per second to maintain a resting state? The cytoplasm is very big and has many available charge carriers. What part of the equivalent circuit represents this fact? Why is this choice of element reasonable? Answer in three to ten sentences
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