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Question: er modeling relationships i have the list of tables...

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ER Modeling Relationships -

I have the list of tables and columns and the scenario but I need help with assigning relationships between the tables.

Please find the scenario and tables below

The SolarPV provides certification services of PV product. Each service is uniquely identified by an ID. We record the service name, description, type, referenced test standard, whether or not factory inspection is required, and the inspection frequency if applicable. A factory inspection record contains the report number, the location inspected, inspection date, inspection sequence, next inspection date, certificate number, inspector, and findings. A certificate record contains is uniquely identified by a certificate number; and contains the client, the corporate location, the test report number, project handler, the associated standard, the product, and the certificate issue date. There are a number of test standards, each having an ID, a name, description, and the published date. Information about a PV product include a unique model number, name, type, fire class, and maximum system voltage. A product can be manufactured at multiple locations. When a client requests a service, a SolarPVmanager sends a quote. Each quote is uniquely identified by a quote number. The quote also contains an amount, issue date, expiration date, the issuer name, and a number of line items. Each quote line item is identified by a line number and contains the task description, ref service, and the price. For each client, we assign an ID and record the name, the type (manufacturer, distributor, etc.).A client can have multiple locations and multiple contact persons. A location bas.a name, address, phone, type (factory, corporate, etc.). Each client contact has a unique username, a password, first name, middle name, last name, job title, email, office phone, cell phone.


Client Location Service Test Standard product clientR lecationlR clientName slientUR clientType address1 servicelD description Fl required Fl frequency test standard ID description published date address2 fire class maximum system voltage country cellphone fax number Factory Inspection Quote Prod location ID uct Factory Certificate Line Item report # date servicelD. price report# contact name test standard sequence cert issue date

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