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ErgoFurn, Inc. manufactures ergonomically designed computer furniture. ErgoFurn uses a job order costing system. On November 30, the Work in Process Inventory consisted of the folliowing jobs: Job No. CH291Chair PS812 Printer stand 15,000 25,000 431,000 250,000 $1,581,000 On November 30, ErgoFurns Raw Materials Inventory account totaled $668,000, and its Finished Goods tnventory totaled $3,456,400. ErgoFurn applies manufacturing overhead on the basis of machine hours. The companys manufacturing overhead budget for the year totaled $4,500,000, and the company planned to use 900,000 machine hours during the year. Through the first eleven months of the year, the company used a total of 830.000 machine hours, total manufacturing overhead amounted to $4,274,500, and Cost of Goods Sold was SS,750.250. retnecs sa ErgoFurn purchased $638,000 in raw materials in December and incurred the following costs for jobs in process that month: Materials MachineDirect Labor Direct Labor Job No CC7 CH291 PS812 DS444 Issued $13,800 $211,000 $252,000 12,000 4,400 19,500 14,000 3,600 14,300 12,500 $43,200 $200,500 $138,000 The following jobs were completed in December and transferred to the Finished Goods Inventory: Job No. CC723 Computer caddy 20,000 CH291 Chair 5444 Desk Item 15,000 5,000 Assume that ErgoFurn sold 15.000 computer caddies, 12,000 chairs, and 4,500 desks in December Your answer is correct ErgoFurn encurred 39S,000 in rnanufacturing overhead in December. Given that expenditure, was manufacturing overread under-or overapplied for th¢ year? By how much? Unde「applied 270000 Assume that Ergorurn closes unter-or。ver applied overhead to the cost of Goods Sold account. Prepare th, journal entry to clo.๑ th, manufacturing verhnad account. (cred account titles are automaatkalev Assume that ErgoFurn pro ates under or overappled overhead to the appropriate occounts Calculate the allocated amounts and-Bdjust the account balances as needed. (Round 52.706 and and final answers to o decimal places e.g. S,27s.) orttal ro ฮ decinsatpi aces eg. Work In Process Finished Goods Cost of Goods Solds

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