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errors. Part of your job is to find and correct those errors using validation reports from the schemas you create. Review Assignments Data Files needed for the Review Assignments: degreestxt.xml, degreestxt.xsd Each department at Austin Technical College must maintain information on the associates degrees it U offers; each associates degree must be approved by a college authority. Sabrina has created an XML vocabulary containing information about the different degrees offered by the Information Technology department. She wants you to create a schema to validate the degree information. Figure 3-38 shows the structures of the degrees vocabulary that youll create. Figure 3-38 The structure degrees title approvalDate effectiveDate coment A description of the elements and attributes used in the degrees vocabulary is shown in Figure 3-39 Figure 3-39 The d vocabula Element or Attribute degrees degree degreeID The root element The collection of information about a degree The ID number of the degree with the format T00-0-,where i a digit The in-house code for the degree (MP, SP,or WPA The title of the degree The date the degree The date the degree curriculum becomes effective The descriptive summary of the degree The currently assigned degree coordinator A comment regarding the degree The date of the comment title approvalDate effecti unnarY was approved by the college veDateSabrina already created a document containing a list of degrees currently offered by the Information Technology department. She wants the document validated based on a schema you create. Complete the following: 1. Using your XML editor, open the degreestxt.xml and degreestxt.xsd files from the xmlo3review folder, enter your name and todays date in the comment section of each file, and then save the 2. In the degrees.xsd file, add the root schema element to the document and declare the XML 3. In the degrees.xml file, attach the schema file degrees.xsd to this instance document, indicating 4. In the degrees.xsd file, create the following named simple types: files as degrees.xml and degrees.xsd, respectively. Schema namespace using the xs prefix, and then save your work. that the schema and instance document do not belong to any namespace, and then save your work. a. idtype, based on the ID data type and restricted to the regular expression pattern IT d (2-d(3)-d(3 b. codeType, based on the string data type and restricted to the following values-MP, SP, WPA 5. Declare the degrees element containing the child element degree. 6. Declare the degree element containing the following sequence of nested child elements- title, approvalDate, effectiveDate, summary, coordinator, and comment. Set the following properties for the nested elements: a. All of the child elements should contain string data except the approvalDate and effectiveDate elements, which contain dates. The degree element should also support two required attributes-degreeID and degreeCode. The degreeID attribute contains idType data, while the degreecode attribute contains codeType data. b. The degree element must occur at least once, but its upper limit is unbounded. The approvalDate element is optional. The comment element is optional, and it may occur multiple times. All other elements are assumed to occur only once. c. Each coment element requires a date attribute of the date data type. errors you find. errors you discover in the instance document. 7. Save your changes to the degrees.xsd file, and then validate the schema document. Correct any 8. Validate the degrees.xml file against the schema document you created. Correct any validation?xml version=1.0 encoding=UTF-8?> <!-New Perspectives on XML Tutorial 3 Tutorial Case Austin Technical College information technology student list Author: Date: Filename: students.xml Supporting Files: students .xsd <students> > - <student stuID-SI890-041-02> <lastName> Berstein</lastName <firstNamex Cynthia</firstName> くdateOfEnrollment» 201 7-05-22</dateOfEnrollment» ccredits 12</credits> <gpa degree-MP 3.81</gpa> </student> -<student stuID- S1771-121-10> clastName> Boothec/lastName cfirstName>Jennifer</firstName <dateofEnrollment>2017-11-24 </dateOfEnrollment> < credits> 38 </credits > <comment>Applied for summer studies internship</comment> <gpa degree-WPA 3.14</gpa> </student> - <student stuID-SI815-741-03 くlastName> Bowen</lastName> efirstName> Kristi</firstName> <dateOfEnrollment> 2017-04-25</dateOfEnrollment> <credits 19</credits> cgpa degree=MP>3.88</gpa> </student> - <student stuID-SI701-891-05> <lastName> Sanchez</lastName> <firstName> Rosario</firstName> くdateOfEnrollment» 201 7-08-14</dateOfEnrollment» ccredits 14</credits> <comment> Applied for student tutor</comments <comment> Applied for Women in IT Scholarship</comment> cgpa degree = WPA>3.89</gpa> </student> - <student stuID-SI805-891-08> <lastName> Russeon<lastName> <firstName>Alison</firstName> <dateOfEnrollment> 2017-09-14</dateOfEnrollment> ccredits 15</credits> «gpa degree =WPA> 2.76</gpa> Activate Windows Go to Settings to activate Window </student>

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