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estion A 15 hp, 208 V, two pole, 60 Hz, star-connected wound rotor induction motor has the parameter per- phase as shown in Figure Q3. The motor is to be operated on a 50 Hz power system with a 5 % slip. a) Evaluate the required supply voltage and analyse the required changes. b) Determine the new component values and sketch with proper labels the per-phase equivalent (5 marks) (6 marks) circuit. With the new component values from Q3 (b), calculate: (i) the total equivalent impedance, () the line current, and (ii) the output speed. c) (6 marks) (4 marks) (4 marks) RI X2 R2 0.20 Ω 0.41 Ω | 0.41 Ω 0.12 Ω 1-s Vi Xm 3 152 Figure Q3 Total: 25 marks]
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