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ET 255 Engineering Economics Project Your company is going to purchase a new work truck to transport equipment and goods to the work site in the field. The truck must be able to carry 3500 pounds in the bed and be able to go off road as the need arises. The three brands your company is considering are Ford, General Motors and Dodge although you may consider another truck company. You have not only to choose whiclh brand to purchase but whether to go with a gasoline powered vehicle or a diesel-powered t the best vehicle based totally on sound engineering concepts preferably using present worth techniques but other techniques may be used if you wish. Remember that the truck you select is a work truck and not a pleasure vehicle. It must be designed to do the job and nothing else. Acceptable options include radio with disk player, air conditioning, towing package, four-wheel drive and automatic transmission. The following are some of the costs that may be included in the analysis: . Purchase price . Insurance Fuel . Taxes Maintenance Other costs may come up as you are working on the project. See me to find out how many miles your truck will be driven per year. This is due April 15, 2019.
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