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event in addition, the bars are arranged from left to right according t height A Pareto chart is a bar graph in wHlli GUIDED EXERCISE 2 PARETO CHARTS This exercise is college 15 minutes before your first class so that you can feel relaxed also allows room for unexpected delays. adapted from The Deming Management Method by Mary Walton. Suppose when you walk into class. An early arrival time you to be late? Charlotte ver you always find yourself arriving just in time or slighty late. noima list of possible causes and then kept a checklist for 2 months (Table because several events occurred that caused her to be late. TABLE 2-12 Causes for Lateness (September-October) Cause Frequency 15 Snooring after alarm goes off Car trouble Too long over breakfast Last-minute studying 13 20 Finding something to wear Talking too long with roommate Other (a) Make a Pareto chart showing the causes for late- IGURE 2-12 Pareto Chart ness. Be sure to label the causes, and draw the bars using the same vertical scale. 20 13 ng at the Pareto chart, what recommenda tions do you have for Charlotte? According to the chart, rearranging study time, or getting up earlier to allow for studying, would cure her most frequent cause for lateness. Repairing the car might be important, but for getting to campus early, it would not be as effective as adjusting study time
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