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Event- Most of the events below result in shifts in either the supply or demand curve. However, there is one somewhat tricky question. Here is a hint: A change in a goods own price can never shift the supply and demand curves. For example, a Supply LEFT or change in the price of donuts wont affect the shapes of either the supply or demand curves for donuts, but rather result in movement along the curves. Its a question of cause and effect. Shifts in the curves cause prices to change, not vice versa. Market Would Would the the curve the to the curve or shift to the curve Redwood Environmentalists urge consumers to Lumber boycott redwood products Butter The FDA bans trans fats in food such as margarine because trans fats are no longer generally identified as safe. Gasoline A hurricane affects Gulf of Mexico deep water oil drilling. Organic A new organic pesticide is effective Apples Hamburger The price of hamburger rises. against tent caterpillars. A pesticide, historically used to increase grape yields, is banned because it is found to be carcinogenic. The National Marine Fisheries Service bans pesticide spraying within 1,000 T feet of waterways containing Coho salmon. Grapes Coho Salmon California The drought in California reduces water Melons available for crop irrigation. Byrne Dairys Whole Milk One Dozen Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza Eggs The price of Wegmans brand whole milk goes down. (HPAI) wipes out 48 million laying hens in the U.s.
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