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Question: example 1 let fx 1 a solve f 2 for...

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Example 1. Let f(x)-- エ+1 (a) Solve f() 2 for a. (b) Simplify f() Example 2. (a) Let f(x) (b) Repeat part (a), but this time let f(r) fle+h)-(2) 2. Calculate and simplify the expression , given that h 0. a +1 Example 3. At Bills Gas n Suacks, it is deternined that the demand for gas in a fixed period of time is gallons when the price per gallon is $1.50, and that the demand decreases by 5 gallons for each 4 cent in price. 100 f so that dp (a) Find a formula for demand as a finction of price; that is, fiud a formula for (b) Calculate f(0), and explain its economic significance.
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