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Question: example 111 for the circuit below determine va 12v...

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Example 1.11: For the circuit below, determine va ΙΩ 12V (+ 3Ω 6Ω We are free to arbitrarily choose either the voltage polarity or the current direction in each element. Our choices are shown below: +Vi 10 12V (+ Once the above voltage polarities and current directions are chosen, we must choose all other parameters in a way that satisfies the passive sign convention. (Current must enter the positive voltage polarity node.) Our complete definition of all circuit parameters is shown below +ia 12V (+ We now apply the steps outined above for an exhaustive circult analysis. 1. Ohms law, applied for each resistor, results in 2. KCL, applied at node a: 3. KVL, applied over any two of the three loops in the circuit -12V + v.-v,=0 The above provide six equations in six unknowns. Solving these for v, results in v - -8V. Since v V BV
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