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17-15. Using the partition function given in Example 17-2, show that the pressure of an ideal diatomic gas obeys PV Nkg T, just as it does for a monatomic ideal gas.

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in the next chapter that for the rigid rotator-harmoni oscillaor model EXAMPLE 17-2 will learn in the next chapter that for the ideal diatomic gas, the partition function is given by of an N! where q ( V, β)s (2am ) 32 in this expression, I is the moment of inertia and v is the fundamental vibrational of the diatomic molecule. Note that q (V, β) for a diatomic molecule is the e as the expression for q (V, β) for a monatomic gas (Equation 17.23, a translational s multiplied by a rotational term, 8π21/h2β, and a vibrational /-ePhu). The reason for this difference will become apparent in Section 17-8. Use this partition function to calculate the average energy of one mole term), except that it i term, e of a diatomic ideal gas

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