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Question: exercise a steam power plant operates on the reheatregenerative...

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A steam power plant operates on the reheat-regenerative Rankine cycle with closed feed-water heater. Steam enters the turbine at 12.5 MPa and 550°C at a rate of 24kg/s and is condensed in the condenser at a pressure of 20 kPa. Steam is reheated at 5 MPa to 550°C. some steam is extracted from the low pressure turbine at 1.0MPa, is completely condensed in the closed feed-water heater, and pumped to 12.5 MPa before it mixes with the feed-water at the same pressure. Assuming an isentropic efficiency of 88% for both the turbine and the pump.

1) Draw a simplified schematic for this plant

2) Determine the temperature of the steam at the inlet of the closed feed-water heater.

3) Determine the mass flow rate of the steam extracted from the turbine for the closed feed-water heater. And the fraction m of bled steam.

4) Determine the net power output

5) Determine the thermal efficiency of this plant.

6) Depict the thermodynamic cycle on the p-h diagram.

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