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Exercise 14-13 a (Video) Keisha Tombert, the bookkeeper for Concord Consulting, a political consulting firm, has recently completed a managerial accounting course at her local college. One of the topics covered in the course was the cost of goods manufactured schedule. Keisha wondered if such a schedule could be prepared for her firm. She realized that, as a service-oriented company, it would have no work in process inventory to consider. Listed below are the costs her firm incurred for the month ended August 31, 2020 Supplies used on consulting contract:s Supplies used in the administrative offices $2,280 2,350 990 1,950 15,700 8,410 750 520 810 930 2,330 1,890 Depreciation on equipment used for contract work Depreciation used on administrative office equipment Salaries of professionals working on contracts Salaries of administrative office personnel Janitorial services for professional offices Janitorial services for administrative offices Insurance on contract operations Insurance on administrative operations Utilities for contract operations Utilities for administrative officesPrepare a schedule of cost of contract services performed (similar to a cost of goods manufactured schedule) for the month CONCORD CONSULTING Schedule of Cost of Contract Services Performed Click if you would like to Show Work for this question: Open Show Work

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