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Exercise 3 Determine the dimension of ρ in order for the following equation to be di- mensionally homogeneous dt where m is a constant mass, V is a speed, t is time, Cp is a dimensionless constant, S is a constant area, g is a constant acceleration, ho is a constant length, and γ is an angle Exercise 4 You have just spent the whole evening deriving the following expression for an acceleration in an AAE 203 problem: hcosto dt dt a +cos(o)dr die dtS2, where h and Y represent lengths. θ represents an angle, t represents time. Ω represents a rotation rate, and both s1 and s2 are dimensionaless unit direction vectors. Your roommate looks at the expression and without doing any kinematic calculations, says you are wrong. Could she/he be right? Justifv vour answer.

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