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Question: exercise 3 implementing the student adt 15 pts in this...

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Exercise 3 Implementing the Student ADT (15 pts)
In this question, you will convert your student ADT into Java.
To help you, we’ve provided a guide for the conversion from pseudo-code to Java implementation. Use this as a
guide, and not a set of strict instructions. There are too many variations that we cannot account for.
1. Copy your student design document into a java file called StudentADT.java. Don’t change the original!
2. Convert everything in StudentADT.java to Java code. Keep your “algorithm header” (i.e., pre-, post-conditions
and return criteria) in your file as comments.
Work one method at a time, and don’t rush. Spend time being sure about syntax. This should take about
30-40 minutes, roughly.
Note: StudentADT.java does not have a main().
3. When you think you’re done, you can compile StudentADT.java.
4. Correct all the errors! No matter how careful you are, you will always have some. This might take about 20
5. Make a copy of StudentADT.java called Student.java. Edit the Student.java file:
(a) change the class header line from public class StudentADT into public interface Student
(b) turn every method into a function prototype (a method header line followed by a semi-colon without body
of the method).
(c) leave all algorithm documentation (as comments)!
6. Go back to StudentADT.java again to change the class header line into
public class StudentADT implements Student
7. Put your name and student information in both files!
8. Check your files by compiling StudentADT.java again.

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