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Question: exercise 313 model the control flow of the following business...

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Exercise 3.13 Model the control flow of the following business process for damage compensation. If a tenant is evicted because of damages to the premises, a process needs to be started by the tribunal in order to hold a hearing to assess the amount of compensation the tenant owes the owner of the premises. This process starts when a cashier of the tribunal receives a request for compensation from the owner. The cashier then retrieves the file for those particular premises and checks that both the request is acceptable for filing, and compliant with the description of the premises on file. Setting a hearing date incurs fees to the owner. It may be that the owner has already paid the fees with the request, in which case the cashier allocates a hearing date and the process completes. It may be that additional fees are required, but the owner has already paid also those fees. In this case the cashier generates a receipt for the additional fees and proceeds with allocating the hearing date. Finally, if the owner has not paid the required fees, the cashier produces a fees notice and waits for the owner to pay the fees before reassessing the document compliance.

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