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Exercise 3-17 Martinez Miniature Golf and Driving Range Inc, was opened on March 1 by Scott Verplank. The following selected evenits and transactions occurred during March Mar. 1 Invested $52,900 cash in the business in exchange for common stock 3 Purchased Michelle Wies Golf Land for $38,020 cash. The price consists of Land $10,85o, bulding $20,86o, and equipment $6,310. (Make one compound entry.) S Advertised the opening of the driving range and miniature golf course, paying advertising expenes of $1,49 6 Paid cash $1,479 for a one year insurance policy 10 Purchased golf equipment for $2,400 from Singh Company 18 Received golf fees of $1,165 in cash. 25 Dedared and paid a $470 cash dividend 30 Paid wages of 5884 30 Paid Singh Company in full 31 Received $821 of fees in cash
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