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Exercise 3.5. The leaves of certain plants in the genus Albizzia will fold and unfold in various light conditions. We have taken 15 different leaves and subjected them to red light for 3 minutes. The leaves were divided into three groups of five at random. The leaflet angles were then measured 30, 45, and 60 minutes after light exposure in the three groups Delay (minutes 30 45 60 Angle (degrees 140 140 140 118 138 150 120 128 130 130 138 142 128 118 118 a) Describe the design and write the model equation in both the means and effect:s parameterization. Define model equation terms. State any assumptions about the random effects terms in the model equation. Use PROC GLM to obtain the analysis of variance (ANOVA) table for these data. Test the null hypothesis that the mean leaflet angle is the same for the different delay times. Express your conclusion to the hypothesis test in terms of the application (as opposed to a purely statistical conclusion) b) c)

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