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Question: exercise 516 a comparative balance sheet for coronado corporation is...

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*Exercise 5-16 A comparative balance sheet for Coronado Corporation is presented below. 31 Assets Cash Accounts receivable Inventory Land Equipment Accumulated Depreciation-Equipment 2017 S72,670 84,500 2016 22,000 68,830 182,500 191,830 73,500 112,830 262,500 202,830 (71,500 (44,830) $604,170 $553,490 Total Liabilities and Stockholders Equity Accounts payable Bonds payable Common stock ($1 par) Retained earnings $36,500 S49,830 150,000 200,000 164,000 139,660 $604,170 $553,490 214,000 203,670 Total Additional information: 1. 2. 3. Net income for 2017 was $130,000. No gains or losses were recorded in 2017 Cash dividends of $65,990 were declared and paid. Bonds payable amounting to $50,000 were retired through issuance of common stock.CORONADO CORPORATION Statement of Cash Flows the Year Ended December 31, 201 sh Flows from Operating Activities 30 Adjustments to reconcile net income to tCash Provided tion e case in Accounts Receiv 5670 rease in Accounts Payabl (13330) rease in 7000 t Cash Provided rating Activitie 137000 sh Flows from Investing Actvitie of L of E 59670 tCash Used by Investing Activit 20340 sh Flows from Financing Act ent of Cash 65990 Net Cash Used by Fina sh at B of ash at End of Yea 267oncash Investing and Financing Activities issued common stock to retire S 50000 of bonds outstanding Your answer is partially correct. Try again. Determine Coronado Corporations current cash debt coverage, cash debt coverage, and free cash flow. (Round current cash debt coverage and cash debt coverage to 2 decimal places., e.g. 0.67.) Current cash debt coverage Cash debt coverage Free cash flow 21040 Comment on its liquidity and financial flexibility. Coronado has liquidity. Its financial flexibility is

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