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3) A 267 mL round-bottom flask is weighed and found to have a mass of 113.25 g. A few milliliters of an easily vaporized liquid are added to the flask and the flask is immersed in a boiling water bath. All of the liquid vaporizes at the boiling temperature of water, filling the flask with vapor. When all of the liquid has vaporized, the flask is removed from the bath, cooled, dried, and reweighed. The new mass of the flask and the condensed vapor is 114.78 g. Which of these compounds could the liquid be? (Assume the ambient pressure is 1.0 atm.). Explain. A) C4H10 B) C3H7OH c) C2H6 D) C2H5OH E) C4H9OH ) Using the van der Waals equation, the pressure in a 22.4 L vessel containing 1.00 mol of Argon gas at 100°c atm. (a 0.211 L2-atm/mol2, b 0.0171 L/mol)
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