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Question: explain that surge suppressors are rated in joules and are...

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  1. Explain that surge suppressors are rated in joules, and are used to protect circuits from power surges.
  2. discuss the differences between Alternating Current (AC) and Direct Current (DC).
  3. Explain basic safety practices to follow when working on electronic equipment, such as completely disconnecting power when working on a component, or checking for damaged cables and exposure to moisture.
  4. Describe a field replaceable unit (FRU) as components that a technician should know how to replace, but not service, such as a monitor or power supply.
  1. Describe the self-grounding technique, where static electricity is discharged by touching a metal object prior to handling components.
  2. Discuss the rules to follow for protecting against ESD, and describe proper handling procedures for the installation and storage of components.
  3. Describe how a power supply tester can be used to help determine if a power supply is providing the proper power to electrical components.
  4. Discuss how to use proper cleaning materials when cleaning computer components and accessories, and note the use of a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) in proper handling of substances.
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