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Question: exploring mathematics investigations for elementary school teachers...

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the about the nuniber of different ways to answer the question 2. Devise a plan. Toy to find many others could follow what you are do 3. Curry out the plan. Thy to organize your work se What caused ns about the number of cookies in the cookie jar met? What o r expect lem? at helped you in solving this problem? difficulty for you in this prob EXERCISES Solve problems 1-4 using Polyas 4 steps. Make sure to write down what you understand, w planning to use, and explain the strategy. Try at least two different ways to solve cchategy y at yo 1. 1 am thinking about a number. One half is a third of my number. What is my number? 2. A balance scale was in perfect balance when Jane placed a box of candy on one pan of the bala nce and of the same-sized candy box together with i-pound weight on the other pan. How much did the full b candy weigh? ox of after a long and tiring day at the already 3. Samuel was riding in the back seat of the station wagon on the way home beach. He fell asleep halfway home. He didnt wake up until he still had half as far to go as gone while asleep. How much of the entire trip home was Samuel asleep? he had Diana bought a piece of cloth 48 inches wide and 1 yard long. It cost $12. She cut off one-four to make a tablecloth. From the remaining material, she used a piece that was 12 inches w long to make a scarf and a piece 1.5 feet by 2 feet to make the cover for a pillow. Her sister saw Dianas sewing efforts and said she really liked the material. She wanted to buy what was left to do some sewing of herown. Diana was willing to sell the leftover material for the rate that she had paid for i. How much should she charge her sister? 4. and used it

exploring mathematics investigations for elementary school teachers

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