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Extra Practice Questions on Longitude and Time Zones 1. What time is it in a city located at 45 W longitude when it is 2 AM in a city located at 15 W longitude? 2. If it is 9:45 AM (EST) in Washington, D.C., what time is it in Los Angeles (PST) 3. A ship at noon local time is in the Indian Ocean at 60 E long. What time does the Greenwich chronometer read? local time where the ship is located? arrives in Baltimore, what time is it (Baltimore time) when the plane arrives? 4. What is the longitude of a ship when the Greenwich chronometer reads 6 PM and it is noon 5. What time is it in a city at 150° E longitude when it is 2:00 PM in Greenwich? 6. If a plane takes off from the Sacramento Airport at 8:30 AM PST and after flying for 8 hours 7. What is the local sun time in Charleston, South Carolina, (77 W), when it is 4 AM EST in Charleston? 8. What time and day is it in Miami, Florida, (75 W), when it is 2 PM on Tuesday in Melbourne, Australia (150° E)? 9. and 10. If you left Denver Colorado (Lat 40 N, Long 105° W) at 8:00 PM on Tuesday, Dec. 31, 2001 and travelled for 10 hours before arriving in Sydney, Australia (Lat 35° S, Long 150° E) what day and what time would you arrive in Sydney? (Show working.) Comment on how you spent New Years Day!
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