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Extra Practice Questions on the Curvature of the Earth, and Latitude and Longitude 1. If a lighthouse is 144 high, how far out to sea could its light be seen by a surfer paddling a surfboard was 18 miles away? (Show working). 3. If you were located at 40 N lat. and 60° E long, what continent would you be on? 4. If you moved fiom the above location to a new location 60 south of there, and 120 fu- ther east, where would you be? 5. If you begin at 20° 47 36 S and 168 23 46 W and go 50 degrees north and 50 degrees west of there, where would you be? Give the latitude and longitude exactly in degrees, min- utes and seconds. 6. How many miles are between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn if you travel directly north and south? 16
7. Thavelling eastward along the equator, how far is it in both degrees of longitude and miles from the Prime Meridian to the International Date Line 8. If you travel westward along the 80th north of the equator from the International Date Line to 150° E longitude, how far have you gone in both degrees of longitude and miles? 9. How many degrees of latitude and longitude separate a location at the intersection of the International Date Line and the Antarctic Circle from another location at the intersection of the Prime Meridian and the Tropic of Cancer? 10. If you started at a certain location in the southem hemisphere and raveled 100 miles north. 100 miles east and 100 miles south, and ended up where you started, where would you bel Also, if you were in the northerm hemisphere and you started 100 miles south of a certain parallel of latitude that had a circumference of 100 miles, and followed the same instruc- tions, where would you be
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