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Question: f f 444 n 667 n neglect transverse shear 50...

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F, F 444 N 667 N Neglect transverse shear 50 mm 25-mm dia. 6 mm 38 mm Fx 125 mm 150 mm Find: 1. Determine the precise location of the critical stress element. at point A 2. Sketch the critical stress element and find magnitudes and directions for all forces acting on it. 3. For the critical stress element, determine principal stresses and the maximum shear stress. What angle does the stress cube need to rotate to represent principal stresses? Draw Mohrs Circle 4. Assuming now F, 0, compute transverse shear (τ-O/M along the neutral axis (N/A) due to Fe 667 N. Hints Fy will cause rotation about X Fy will cause bending about Z Fx will cause a moment about y Fx will cause axial loading along 丁 Co4 32
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