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Faced with rising pressure for a $12 per hour minimum wage rate, the farming industry is currently exploring the possble use of While the Lettuce Tech itself may be in workable condition for up to five years, assume that the farm would view its implementation as botics to replace some farm workers. The Lattuce Tech is one such robot; its job is to thin out a field of lettuce, removing the least ao-year axperiment promising buds of lettuce. By removing these weaker plants, the stronger lettuce plants have more room to grow. Assume the following acts Cick the icon to view the information) Perform a cost-benefit analysis for the first year of implementation to determine whether the Lettuce Tech would be a financially viable investment if the mirnimum wage is raised to 512 per hour. (Round your arewers to the nearest whole dallar.) Cost Benefit Analysis Expected Benefits (Cost Savings): Total expacted banefits Expected Costs: Total axpected costs Net expected benefit (cost)

1 Cost and Benefit Information 1. One Lettuce Tech would do the work of 25 farm workers. Each farm worker typically works 30 hours on the lettuce thinning process each year 2. 3. Each farm worker would earn $12 per hour plus 7.65% payroll tax. 4. The Lettuce Tech is estimated to cost $6,000 plus $900 for delivery 5. Annual costs of operating the Lettuce Tech are expected to be $1,000

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