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Fal 2018 7) The beam shown below is subjected to a load P, centered on the top of the beam. Determine the axial stress at point A (at the top of the beam). Given: Beam height 600 mm Beam width 200 mm 3 m D) 25 kPa B)-50 kPa C) 100 kPa A) 675 kPa
Plan, and sections of a one-story concrete structure are shown in the next pages Given: Slab thickness: 3 Ribs (joists): 4 x14 (including the slab thickness) Beams: 24 x 48 Live Load (LL)-50 psf Super imposed Dead Load (SDL) 15 psf Concrete unit weight: 150 pcf (to calculate the self-weight of the elements) s is the sum of all digits of your student ID in ft. Consider these load combinations to find the governing ultimate load: Load Case 1 = 1.4D; Load Case 2 1.2D+1.6L 1- Explain (describe) the load path of the uniformly distributed load of this structure. Sketch the load path on the 2- Calculate w, the uniformly distributed linear load on the typical joists (Live, Dead (including SW), and the 3- Calculate Wb, the uniformly distributed linear load on the beam on Grid Line C (Live, Dead (including SW), and 4- Calculate Pu, the ultimate load that Column C-3 exerts on the foundation. (25 points) plan and sections. (20 points) ultimate). (25 points) the ultimate), (25 points)
s-The Sum ơf an digits of Jour student inf. ID: ooo409432. Then S= 22 fret ubs are 쑤r /4 r (including the slab thickness Beams 24 8de 녀
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