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Fei Hong is a 60 year old lady from a Chinese background. She has a hearing and sight impediment and is showing some early signs of dementia. She speaks little to no English. You are caring for Fei Hong during her recent hospital admission; she is scheduled to undergo a hip replacement under the care of Dr Patel after a recent fall. She has Type 2 Diabetic and Hypertension. The doctor has charted Mrs Hong medications for her Diabetes and Hypertension.

Mrs Hong is transferred to the operating theatre to undergo her surgical procedure - Right total hip replacement (R) TKR. Whilst in the operating theatre, she has an Intravenous (IV) Cannula inserted for post-operative fluids. There was a small to moderate amount of blood loss during the procedure and a Full Blood Count (FBC) has been taken to assess whether she will need a blood transfusion. She is also experiencing post-operative pain.

Question 2.1 - Describe four (4) risks that may be associated with IV Therapy in addition to one (1) strategy that the Nurse can use to minimise any of these risks.


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