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TI/ QUESTIONS 1. Read the measurements on the rulers in Fig. 2.9, and comment on the results. Ruler 1 1 cm 0 2 Ruler 2 IT cm 3 Ruler 3 0 2 3 Figure 2.9 2. Were the measurements of the block in part (b) of Procedure 2 all done with the same instrument? Explain. 3. Referring to the dart analogy in Fig. 2.3, draw a dart grouping that would represent poor precision but good accuracy with an average value.

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EXPERIMENT 2/ Experimental Uncertainty Error) and Data Analysis5 25 50 75 25 25 50 75 Oi 75 (a) Good precision, but poor accuracy (b) Poor precision and poor accuracy (c) Good precision and good accuracy Figure 1.3 Accuracy and precision. The true value in this analogy is the bulls eye. The degree of scattering is an indication

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