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Figure1: The image on the right is a road curving through a North Dakota lake. On the left is a vehicle that slid off that road. The car in the Fig 1(b) was driving around on the curved road in Fig. I(a) when the driver skidded off the road and entered the lake. The family is suing the state because they say that a recent speed limit increase from 65 mph to 75 mph led to the accident. The state has hired you to see if the accident is due to the curve being out of compliance with federal regulation or excess driver speed. The static friction, As between the tires of the care and the road are assumed to be at least 0.4 and the kinetic friction-4k, s 0.2. Assume the road follow a circular arc with a radius of 1/4 mile. Was the driver speeding? Justify your answer If the car was traveling at 65 mph and accelerating at 10 f/sec, would the car skid off the road?

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