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Fill in the blank: Write the word that correctly completes the statement. Write your answer in the space provided. A cotransporter is a protein that moves more than one molecule at a time. If the molecules are moved in the same direction, the transporters are called molecules are transported in opposite directions, the transporters are called carriers. A transport protein that moves only one substrate is called a(n) carrier 4. carriers. If the 5. In a signal transduction pathway, the signal ligand, also called the first messenger, binds to a(n) which activates and changes intracellular 6. The three main amplifier enzymes are (a) which forms CAMP, (b) which converts a , which forms cGMP; and (c) phospholipid from the cells membrane into two different second messenger molecules. to its An enzyme known as protein kinase adds a functional group substrate, by transferring it from a(n) 7. molecule. Receptors for signal pathways may be found in the of the cell. or 8.

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