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  1. Fill in the blanks in each of the followings.
  1. The _______________ is used to dynamically access/update the content, structure and style of web documents.
  2. The most widespread use of multi-tier architecture in web applications is the three-tier architecture. It is typically composed of a _______________ tier, a _______________ tier and a _______________ tier.
  3. The four components in the box model are _______________, _______________, _______________, _______________.
  4. In _______________ positioning, positions are relative to the nearest positioned ancestor.
  5. The _______________ function is used to register an event handler.
  6. The _______________ attribute in <a>, <form>, and <iframe> specifies the browser context in which the element’s response should be displayed.
  7. The PHP _______________ function is used to get the number of elements in a linear array.
  8. _______________ is a software design pattern for developing web applications. It is composed of _______________, _______________ and _______________.
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