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Fill in the blanks please
(6)The function f(x)-xsin- is fremovable, nonremovable). -x.if x is irrational not continuous at- which is y(x)-{-xrxis ratio u al のLet limlim) 8) limi sinn_-_limsinsec 9) The horizontal and vertical asy mptotes for the function F)re Find each value, if possible Find each vale, if 3r +4r x +1 and respectively. (10) sin(cos(x)) (odd, even), cos(sin(x)) is (odd, even) sin(sin(x) is(odd, even); cos(cos(x)is(odd, even) (3+h) + 2(3th)-15 is a derivative, the function is (II) The limit lim3+h+23+h)-15 and at- -; the limit lim-is a derivative, the function is--nd at c (12) Iff(x)=x,+ 3x2-45x-6, then the values of f at each zero of f, are r+1 If,f(x)1ml f(3)= . If g(s)-cos π s sin,s. (13) , then the x+2 (14) Suppose that g)-a+bitc and g)- g0)-3. g)-4 then a = ; (15) Let f(x)=x-sinx, the points on the graph where the tangent line horizontal are their intersect angles in the first quadrant as0, then sin0- for two curvesy 2sin x and y 2 cosx, den
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