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Fill in the blanks with the correct answers.

Metabolic cle Pathway purpose Products Location Pro/ Eukaryote Components Substrates Embden- Meyerhof-Pamas stoplasm/enymesuolySat cose glycolysis)utoplas 2 mde Pentose phosphate pathway 1 Glucose (6 1 Ribose-P (5 nucleotide synthesis, cytoplasm/cytoplasm dozen carbon) + carbon), 1 NADP, 1ATP 1 CO2 enzymes ADPH for bolism INADPH, or sugars, 1 ADP PDH reaction upla.s our yate aceod produce Acety mitbchondrig COA eneration of igh energy lectron carriers rovide etabolic TCA/ Krebs/ citric acid cycle mltochandia matrix Oxali a cdo- te chain +ATP synthase (or imlnmitochondrtal memtprane (aerobic respiration) N2, or NO2 or H2S or CH4 1 NAD+ + Generate proton Electron transport chain + ATP synthase (or similar) anaerobic respiration) 1Nitrate or sulfate or CO2, 1 NADH + otive force and e to generate TP ADP ATP Or IFADH2+ Or 1 FADH Regenerate ADP ATP NAD+ Fermentation Cytoplasm/ cytoplasm or more 1 pyruvate, 1 1 alcohol or acid Regenerate NADH enzymes (vary by organism) maybe 1 C02) NAD+ NAD+
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