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Question: final answer should be please show steps so i can...

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idway between springs A and B. After striking spring Bit rebounds and slides across the horizontal plane toward spring A, etc. If the coefficient of kinetic friction between the plane and the block is Hk 0.4, determine the total distance traveled by the block before it comes to rest. (Hint #1: Treat the block as a point mass with negligible width (i.e. it contacts spring B when it has traveled 1 ft to the right) and assume it will not tip. Hint #2: assume that after the block compresses spring B and begins sliding to the left, that it stops sliding before contacting spring A, then check this assumption and proceed as appropriate. Useg 32.2 ft/s?) 2 60 lb/ft 10 lb/ft I ft n no 10
Final answer should be

Please show steps so I can understand
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