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Find an ad/description of a job you aspire to after graduation (you can use sites like Indeed.com, jobdescriptions.net, monster.com, etc.). Note soft skills required for this job. Based on this information and what you read in the article, list the three top soft skills you’d like to improve so as to make yourself more desirable to prospective employers by the time you graduate and provide a plan of action on how you will achieve this. When preparing your discussion post, think about the following points:

  • Specific examples of how you can highlight your soft skills on your resume, even if you do not have substantial work experience.
  • How can you ensure that a letter or recommendation (from professors or other references) could ensure that you soft skills are highlighted
  • Strategies for highlighting your soft skills when interviewing for a position

When responding to classmates’ posts provide feedback on their plan of action and suggestions of other things they can do to improve their soft skills and highlight them to potential employers.

I want you to responding to this two people .

1- The job description I looked up on Indeed.com was an entry level accounting position through Koch Industries. The three top soft skills I would like to improve upon by the time I graduate are: collaborating well with others, showing up on time, and dependability. I will be able to achieve this by continuing to put these skills into action and practicing them throughout my degree. I can highlight these soft skills on my resume by adding in letters of recommendation from professors, relaying my experience with these skills in prior work history, and giving references of those who know me and know my work ethics. To ensure that a letter of recommendation could highlight these skills, I would have to show up to class on time, turn in my assignments on time, and be sure to ask questions if I don't know the answer. To highlight these skills in an interview I would tell them about experiences that I have had that relate to the skill set, I would give them specific examples of areas that I have had plenty of experience in and how I handled certain situations in times of hardship. I feel that showing ambition, whether it be in class or in an interview, is a great characteristic to exhibit. Showing dedication and dependability means more to a lot of businesses, than simply having the knowledge to complete the task at hand. Like the article stated, these are skills that a majority of college graduates forget to practice when going into a career field. These are the skills that need to be more heavily practiced and exhibited.

2- After graduation, I aspire to be an Accountant. Some soft skills required to be an Accountant include, but are not limited to:

  • Solving problems that may arise
  • Have a strong sustainable work ethic
  • A positive attitude to encourage and motivate team members
  • Clear and concise communication skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Time management

For me to become more desirable to prospective employers I would like to improve on three different soft skills.

1. I would like to have excellent verbal and written communication skills.

My plan of action to achieve this goal is to slow down when I write and to listen more intently when communicating.

2. The next soft skill I would like to work on is time management.

I can achieve this by organizing my days in advance and prioritize. I would need to avoid procrastination, which can be hard at times.

3. The last soft skill I would like to work on is empathy.

Although this isn't in an Accountants job description, this is one skill I would like to obtain. My plan of action for this skill would be to put my view point or feelings aside, and see things from the other persons point of view. I believe this is an important skill to have no matter what job you go into.

Just like one of the articles, before I became an Accounts Payable Clerk, I didn't have substantial work experience. I had to rely on my soft skills and education. To highlight my soft skills on my resume I added the soft skills that I had, but also what the company was looking for under the key qualifications. This way my resume would stick out, even though I didn't have the experience for the position.

I believe that you can ensure a letter of recommendation can ensure that your soft skills are highlighted by actually using the soft skills that you have. If you are dependable to your professor or coworkers they would portray that on the letter, as well as any other soft skill that you may have.

While in an interview I like to point out a few of my soft skills as my strengths. Such as attention to detail and problem solving. Also a good way to highlight your soft skills is to have those good communication skills. Sometimes my nerves can get the best of me during an interview, but at the end of the day we are all human and go through interviews. So I focus on my skills and strengths and try to portray them during the interview.

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