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Question: find fxhfx h fx 8x2 6x3...

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and and supply functions be rep 4800-4e eqilibrium price and equilibrium quantity for the given functions. 11) Let the func in dollars. Find the equ and supply functions be represented by D(p) and S(p), where p is the price D(p) = 4800-40p S(p) 160p 12) A toilet manufacturer has decided to come out with a new and improved toilet. The fixe cost for the production of this new toilet line is $16,600 and the variable costs are $67 per toilet. The company expects to sell the toilets for $159. Formulate a function C(x) for the total cost of producing x new toilets and a function R(x) for the total revenue generated from the sales of x toilets. Midtown Delivery Service delivers packages which cost $2.30 per package to deliver. The fixed cost to run the delivery truck is $352 per day. If the company charges $6.30 per package, how many packages must be delivered daily to make a profit of $64?

Find f(x+h)-f(x) / h

f(x)= 8x^2 +6x-3

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