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A developer wants to know if the houses in two different neighborhoods were built at roughly the same time. She takes a random sample of six houses from each neighborhood and finds their ages from local records. The accompanying table shows the data for each sample (in years). Assume that the data come from a distribution that is Normally distributed. Complete parts a through c below EB Click the icon to view the data table a) Test the null hypothesis at α= 0.05 using the pooled t-test. Identify the null and alternative hypotheses. Choose the correct answer below Compute the t-statistic. Let the difference of the sample means be y1 -y2 t 2.228 (Round to three decimal places as needed.) Data Table Neighborhood 1 60 59 51 61 56 49 Neighborhood 2 46 54 53 42 Enter vour answer in the answer box and then cli parts remaining 58

Find T.

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