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Consider the plate with the mesh shown it is 4 inch thick and is made of aluminum with modulus E-10 5E6 psi and Poissons ratio v = 0.34. Based on a plane stress assumption, the constant strain triangle (CST) finite element formulation in the course notes, and some in-plane applied loading, the following deflections have been calculated for the only unconstrained degrees of freedom, which are uand at the center node, Node 5. At Node 5 ux,--0.002 inches ns= 0.004 inches. Node 2 ode 3 Element 3 7 Element 1 Node 5 Element 4 7 Element 2 Node 4 Node 15 15 Based on the plane stress assumption and constant strain triangle (CST) finite element formulation as described in class, and the mesh above (which, of course, is a poor mesh) a) Detem ne the strain components, and tor Elements l and 2 Only b) Determine the stress components, g and for Elements 1 and 2 only c) Determine the x-direction displacement at x-lo, y=2 (a point on Element 2). d) Determine the y-direction displacement atx-10. y-2 (a point on Element 2). Show your work. You do not need to kmow the loading and you do not need to calculate the stiffhess matrix to complete the above parts because the deflections are already calculated and provided to you.Finite Element Problem

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