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Question: flight of an osprey an observer in a fishing boat...

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Flight of an Osprey An observer in a fishing boat wa talons. The following table shows the birds estimated height above the water as given by that observer Time (s)Height (m) tched as an osprey dove under water and re-emerged with a fish in its 0 10 0 Overarching Question: ts the osprey travelling at its greatest speed when it hits the water? A. B. Plot the given data on a graph paper. What type of function best models these data? Without using appropriate domain. graphing technology, determine an equation to model the data and state an C. Describe the ospreys flight, making reference to your graph and equation. Include information about the time, its height, direction of flight, and relative rate of ascent and descent (faster/slower) According to your model, how long was the osprey under water? Does this seem reasonable? Explain. D. F. Use your model to estimate the rate at which the ospreys height is changing at the time it hits G. Using tangent lines on your graph, analyze if the rate you calculated in part F is the greatest at H. Check your result for part F using graphing technology (use www.desmos.com) by creating a E. According to your model, when was the osprey more than 6m above the water? the water. this point. Explain. scatter plot, determining the equation of the curve of best fit, and using it to find the slope of the appropriate tangent line. Use the graphing calculator and the graph you created in part H to help you determine when the ospreys rate of change in height was greatest between Os and 8s. 1. Before you submit your work, check that: You explained all your thoughts clearly You justified all your answers mathematically You showed all work and calculations You checked all your calculations You labeled all your work properly
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