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Fluid Mechanics

Consider the case of a simple shear flow between two horizontal surfaces; the bottom surface (y=0) is stationary and the top surface (located at y=h) is moving to the right (ie., in the positive x direction) with a speed of uplate. The left boundary (inlet) is at x-0 and the right boundary (outlet) is at x-L. The velocity in the x-direction is u-Uplatey/h and all other velocity components are zero Is this flow field steady or unsteady? Is this flow 1D, 2D, or 3D? Does this flow field satisfy the no-slip condition? Determine the equation of the streamline that passes through (x.y)-(0,h/2) as well as the pathline for a particle that passes through (xy)-(0,h/2) at t 0. Also at this location determine the acceleration and dilation rate. Determine the vorticity and the shear stress at (x.y)-(0,0) and (O,h).

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