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Question: focus of study question 35 marks true or false bold...

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Question 2 (5 marks)

a) Explain the importance of the mountains of Lakonia for Sparta.                   2 marks

b) Why did the Spartans conduct military action against the
Messenians in the 700-600s BC                                                           3 marks


Focus of Study Question 3

(5 marks) True or False? Bold or underline the correct letter for each statement:

a) Spartan group whose main purpose seemed to be to guard the kings was called hippeis. True False

b) Apella was another name for a public mess (syssition). True False

c) Sparta had a tiny navy. Spartiates were poor sailors and used the perioikoi (perioeci) as sailors and navigators, and helots as rowers. True False

d) Before battle the ephors would make sacrifices to the gods. True False

e) Lycurgus was supposed to have introduced the use of iron bars as coinage in Sparta. True False

f) King Leonidas was victorious at the Battle of Thermopylae. True False

g) The helots were taken into captivity after the Battle of Leuctra. True False

h) Spartans believed the myth of Herakles gave them the right to exercise control over Laconia. True False

i) Ancient authors’ histories of Sparta included Herodotus, Thucydides and Xenophon, none of whom were Spartan. True False

j) The ancient historian Thucydides believed that unlike Athens, the city of Sparta was unimpressive and more of a cluster of villages than a proper city. True False

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