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Question: follow the code and graph the output...

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follow the code and graph the output%Part A clear disp(Part A: Solving y-3*(x 2)+4*(sin(x))); x-input (Enter a value of x: ); у-3* (хл2)+4* (sin(x)) %Part B clear disp( Part B: Graphing sin a); r-input (Enter start value of range: ); y-input (Enter steps: ; z-input (Enter end value of range: ; b-sin(a) subplot (2,3,1) plot (a,b), grid on title (Cool Graph) xlabel (time(t) in seconds) ylabel (amplitude) subplot (2,3,2) polar (b) subplot (2,3.3) stem (b) subplot (2,3,4) m-peaks(b); mesh(m) shading flat colormap (copper) axis off subplot (2,3,5) bar (b) disp C ) %Part C clear disp (part C: Plotting polynomial z-a(xЗ) + b*(x^2) + c*x + d) a-input (Enter value ofa: ); b-input (Enter value of b: ; c-input (Enter value of c: ); d-input (Enter value of d: ); z-ab c d]; roots (z) residue (z,p) subplot (2,3,6) zplane (z,p)

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