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Question: food technology question 2 10 marks 1 develop a preference...

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Question 2                                                                      10 marks

1.      Develop a preference test to assess consumer preferences for a product of your choice, for example cola drinks, breakfast cereals or chocolate milk.

2.      Organise for a panel of at least four people to rate the product.

3.      Conduct the test in line with the following guidelines:

The test should evaluate only one characteristic of the food. All samples should be:

            of similar amount

            served at similar temperatures

            presented in containers of the same size, colour, shape and materials

            all samples  identified with numbers or letters.

·         The panel should be:


            not eat for at least 30 mins before tasting

            provided with water or plain biscuit or bread in between tasting

·         The environment should be:

            well lit

            well ventilated

            a comfortable temperature

            free from distractions

4. Complete a report on this preference test, approximately 300 words in length.

·         Include an aim, method, questions asked, a results table and conclusion.

·         Attach all completed participant forms.


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