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Question: for 2016 charlies would like to discontinue one of the...

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For 2016, Charlies would like to discontinue one of the appetizers. Which one would you suggest they discontinue, and why do you make that recommendation? Find two different ways to do an analysis that leads you to two different conclusions. Use information provided below.

Appetizer Month Sales (Orders)
French Fries April 8897
French Fries August 8424
French Fries October 8203
French Fries July 8446
French Fries May 8059
French Fries June 8290
French Fries September 8966
Cheese Curds July 1842
Cheese Curds June 1920
Cheese Curds October 1697
Cheese Curds April 1609
Cheese Curds September 1755
Cheese Curds May 1706
Cheese Curds August 2071
Chicken Strips July 749
Chicken Strips September 796
Chicken Strips October 619
Chicken Strips August 802
Chicken Strips May 634
Chicken Strips June 766
Chicken Strips April 869
Onion Rings July 6541
Onion Rings August 6365
Onion Rings May 6699
Onion Rings June 6626
Onion Rings April 7070
Onion Rings October 6123
Onion Rings September 6360
Corn Dogs July 5973
Corn Dogs June 6103
Corn Dogs May 6051
Corn Dogs August 6054
Corn Dogs October 6431
Corn Dogs September 6087
Corn Dogs April 5995
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