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bankAccount Class Define the class bankAccount to implement the basic bankAccount Data ies of a bank account. The class should store and implement the following data / methods Methods deposit (add money to account) withdraw (take money out of account) Account holders name (string) Account number (int) Account type (string, checking on savings) Balance (double) Interest rate (double, to be stored as a decimal value) Static member (int named anything) used to automatically assign accountgetlnterestRate numbers during account creation . getlnterest (balance times interest rate) updateBalance (adds interest amount to balance) getAccountNumber getAccountType . print (displays all account information) getBalance Constructor: . sets account holders name sets account type . sets balance . sets interest rate . (account number is auto generated in constructor Create a main program to test the class as follows Declare an array of 10 components of type bankAccount. Prompt the user or hard code information for up to 10 customers. For each customer, assign name, account type, balance, and interest rate After all information is entered, print all account information for each customer. Implementation Requirements You will create three files for this assignment: bankAccount.h (Class definition) bankAccount.cpp (Class implementation) bankAccountTest.cpp (test file for your bankAccount class)

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